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bQute beauty bar & boutique

A Savvy Sheek Trendy Salon
located at 2140 E. Palmdale Blvd Ste. P,
Palmdale, Ca 93590
Palmdale Town Center

bQute provides traditional hair care with complete delivery of trendy styles and cutting edge hair care that this ever evolving industry has to offer.

We are highly trained, licensed stylists in hair extensions such as Non Surgical Hair Replacement, (this is what all of the hottest celebs like Beyonce, Mary J, and Tyra B sport to create that fabulous red carpet look with all the wants and needs of versatility), Seamless & Simplicity extensions, Braid and Sew-in technique , Bonding, Designer Qute Cuts, scalp treatments, eyelash extensions, brow waxing, and much more.

Our services can be cocktailed in any way that suits you and consultations are always recommended, we want to make sure that we have a clear understanding of your hair care needs.
We understand that relationships are very important and this helps us to create the healthiest posh tresses that you deserve.

We also offer signature styling for: Photo Shoots, Print, Video's, Fashion Shows, Glamor Brides (and their party), graduations, quinceanera's, and other special occasions and events.

Because of high demand, Shannon "Stylist/Image Consultant" is available to serve you in two locations, Los Angeles and Palmdale but of course there is always Ree Ellen, Misty, Yolanda, and Ebony who are also professional stylist available in the salon to provide you with bQute Signature services.

We prefer pre-scheduled appointments, but of course walk ins are always welcome and same day appts are always possible!

If you would like to schedule a free consultation,
please give us a call at:
661-942-9750 salon
310-930-4643 voicemail

Happy Blogging..Live Life...Laugh...Love...
Always bQute

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What causes hair loss

What Causes Hair Loss

A hair and its follicle make up one of the most complex and interesting systems in the body. Scientists are just now beginning to understand that system and identify the key cells, proteins, hormones and genes that control the growth, loss and regeneration of hair.

There is no single cause for thinning hair. It is a gradual process
and many people do not address it until it is too late.

It is often a process that begins below the scalp, at the root level
and eventually affects the quality and thickness of the hair shaft.

While inherent genetic coding is decidedly a factor in hair loss, other factors exist that accelerate the process, including stress, diet, pollution and hygiene. Hair loss is not something that happens overnight.

Here is a typical scenario. A gradual buildup of residue from commercial hair care products and micro-pollutants, along with a diet high in animal fats, prompts an over secretion of sebum. The sebum soon becomes oxidized and is transformed into a waxy substance clogging the follicle entrance. In time, the impacted sebum and other debris makes its way deep within the follicle, inhibiting the absorption of nutrients and impeding the growth of healthy hair. Stress contributes to this problem by causing tightness in the scalp, which inhibits blood circulation to this area.

A chemical reaction takes place between an enzyme called 5 Alpha Reductase and androgens present in the impacted sebum. This results in the formation of a powerful hormone, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Receptor sites within the hair follicles are genetically programmed to activate. DHT binds to the activated site, which eventually sends a message to the hair follicle to shut down. The result: thick and healthy hair begins to grow thin and weak, eventually dying altogether.

Scientists are making great strides in the search for a cure for hair loss and baldness, and we do not mean mail order miracle cures. We are talking about new drugs, better transplant techniques, even cloning and altering a person's genetic code. But when you consider the drawbacks that accompany each new discovery...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Temporary Color Rinse for Ten Dollars!

For the rest of August we are offering a
Bee Cute Temporary Color Rinse for Ten Dollars!
It's our valued customer special and only valid through August 31,2009!


It's Our Birthday and we're having a
To celebrate our 3rd year of
Bee-ing Cute,

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Its very easy to join in.

All you have to do is refer

your friend's, family, co-worker's, and neighbors to
Bee Cute with us.

The contest will end Wednesday, September 30th.

Here's what you have to do:
1. Send us a message/comment here and go to the Refer a Friend Poll letting us know that you wish to participate, we will update your entry.

2. Email us directly from our blog. We will need your updated contact info, name, phone number etc, so we know who to give the referral credit to.

3. Refer everyone you know to Bee Cute, let them know to give your name so you won't miss out on any points.

4. Whoever refers the Most will receive the 1st place grand prize which is on display at the salon, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a prize as well!

5. There will be frequent updates posted here so check it out.

6. At the end of September we will tally up all the accumulated referrals, make sure you are the one to win the fabulous first place prize.
For more details on our
Contact Us at the Salon

Friday, July 31, 2009

Weave "Me"Wednesday

Every Wednesday
Weave Your Way Down To Bee Cute Hair Studio For
$95 Weave "Me' Wednesday

For More Information Contact Us At
The Salon 661-942-9750

( 10-12 inch hair application other a la carte services are at an additional charge this offer may not be combined with the first time client offer and may be canceled or modified at any time)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Consultation

Communication is always key in your first consultation with your new stylist this will help establish a lasting relationship between the two of you.

I always say, "Without your thoughts, I have no answers".

We have all has those bad hair experiences where we feel the stylist is not sensitive to our needs as a client, or just plain doesn't know what he or she is doing!

I was once a client and have had a bad hair cut, and even a over processed color,

Now as a highly trained stylist, I must say I have heard it all and then some..

I recommend that whoever you decide to have as your "Hair Care Provider", has your best interest's at heart, and you as a client must also keep in mind that just because you want that particular style or new hair color its not always possible or even the best for your hair.

Make sure the you are both in unison with one another and that your questions, and concerns regarding your tresses are always on the forefront.

Always Bee Cute

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Classic Bang...

As little girls we always want that big girl look!
My Little Miss Skye Bleu's most requested hair doo is, "Down and Bangs"!!!
If you look at all of the latest in hair & fashion the "Bang" or "Fringe" is in!
Its straight across, cropped at the brow line, swept to the side, or a tad bit over your eye for that sense of sexy...
However your flavor of the classic Fringe, be sure to ask for an added a bit of texture to your big girl hair style, this will create softness & a even flow for your tresses to frame your face and create the finish you will absolutely Luvv!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Bee Cute?

Well, a child hood friend of mine (Ambuler) would hit me up to press her hair, I would say "I dont want to do your hair, I don't know how", she would say "come on yes you can you did your own" and I remember we were supposed to be going out that weekend so we pulled out the hot comb fired up grandmother's stove and went at it. I was shocked, it was straight! Needless to say she was my first "kitchen doo". Family and friends were my best clients, w
hen I was absolutely sure that punching a time clock was not for me, trying to figure out where my vision was going, then upon graduating from cosmetology school, I wanted to express my feeling about my inner passion for hair obviously in my work and in the name that is behind it. My best friend Sebastian, and I would have conversations about marketing plans and what should be the message behind the advertisement's that we would do. We would make up fliers on the home computer I went to staples and purchased colorful paper and a paper cutter to maximize my investment and a printing program and woo hew!!! we were in business. At the time it was a huge challenge and also very exciting getting out and and promoting my new seed. Door to door, car windows (everyone hates to come out with junk on their windshield), high schools, and my fav would be the mall... Just to get the name and the word out was in the end worth it. I thought I would need to give my business a name so when I started as a independent stylist at Something Unique Salon, I remember clients would request a style, and envision the outfit they would wear coupled with that style and I would say, "that would be cute". Over and over that would be the comment to styles of clothing and hair! I talked to Sebastian one day and asked him "what do you think about be fly" he was game, so we researched to seal the deal. The name was already taken I don't know why I strayed away from be cute but that was taken too, so I added an extra "e" to the "be" and Bee Cute Hair Design was born! It flows, it's catchy, it goes well with my inner "girl", and now being a woman I see that ladies young and more mature always feel the need to Bee Cute!
In closing I would like to thank my mom for the gift she made sure she let me know where it came from, and my family, childhood friends, and loyal clients for the moral support.

Always...Bee Cute

Monday, February 23, 2009

When it Rains...

Well as we all know, its rainy season and we ask the question :

"Should I Wait Til The Sun Begins to Shine"?

I always let everyone know that just because its raining or sometimes in So Cal its very windy out,
that's no reason to skip out on your weekly/biweekly salon visit.

Your strands always need TLC during these extreme conditions.

For example: The wind is blowing and mother nature is making sure that we get a good shower and as most don't know every time you step outside, just to and from the car your hair and skin pick up millions of dust particles. Now multiply that times a week or two... Uhh Gross!

Of course it's always easier reschedule for that fresh look during the winter months, but you must remember that the skin and scalp tend to produce natural oils, and coupled with wind and a bit of rain its best to go on in...

Some can shampoo in the shower every day or two, but for those who can't (I must say that I am one of those gals)
when your hair is dirty or I should say "not so fresh," your skin will definitely let you know!

Keep your complexion glowing and clear of unsightly pimples!

Don't be afraid of mother nature store a umbrella in the trunk and
make sure you keep you appointment with your favorite stylist, they will make sure your fresh doo will stay dry...

Besides you never know what the weekend holds!

Always Bee Cute